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PlayStation Plus: no Sony day one games according to Jim Ryan… yet


The PlayStation Plus is getting a makeover in June and will give the possibility of accessing a large catalog of games, but no Sony exclusives in day one for the moment.

Sony has finally lifted the veil on its Project Spartacus, a redesign of the PlayStation Plus which is somewhere close to the Xbox Game Passbut for the moment, the service will not have the right to Sony games as soon as they are released and it is Jim Ryan himself who explains why they made this decision.

Sony games in day one in the PlayStation Plus is not profitable according to Jim Ryan…

Asked in the columns of GamesIndustryJim Ryan returned to the games that will be added to PlayStation Plus, and more particularly to the case of exclusive Sony games.

If at Microsoft, all games exclusive to the green brand land day one in the Game Pass, this is not a strategy that Sony intends to apply in the immediate future since, according to the manufacturer, it would be counterproductive.

It’s not a road we’ve taken in the past. And that’s not a road we’re going to take with this new service.

We believe that if we did this with games from PlayStation Studios, this virtuous circle would be broken. The level of investment we need to make in our studios would no longer be possible, and we think that would impact the quality of our games and that’s not something gamers want.

…but it could still happen

Nevertheless, Jim Ryan quickly tempers his remarks by saying that nothing is “set in stone” and even takes the example of the recent evolution that the company has taken by bringing its big PC exclusives, something completely inconceivable a few years ago.

Who would have thought, four years ago, that PlayStation-exclusive AAA titles would be released on PC? (Horizon Zero Dawn, God of War).

A huge critical and commercial success, and everyone has come to terms with what’s going on and players are now completely comfortable with it. I look back four years and tell myself that no one could have seen it coming.

All that to say that what I’m talking about today is the approach we’re taking in the short term. The way our editing model currently works, it just doesn’t make sense. But things can change very quickly in this industry, as we all know.

Sony therefore does not close the possibility of future changes and it’s likely that PlayStation Plus will also adopt new services in the future.

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