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Playstation Plus: Retro games will have modern and visual options


As it prepares to roll out in Asia, the new PlayStation Plus is already revealing some of its retro gaming secrets.

While we wait until June 22, Asia is preparing to receive the long-awaited update to the PlayStation Plus subscription service which will be rolling out in the territory in a few hours and a handful of lucky little ones have already been able to get around the owner before anyone else. The opportunity for them to share some details about backward compatibility.

3 visual modes and 16:9 compatibility for PS PLUS retro games

You are aware that with the arrival of the new PS Plus, Sony gives us the opportunity to play to a selection of retro games decades old. But what we did not know, however, was that the program would also give us some more modern options to make the most of these old apps.

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While fast/autosave and the ability to rewind have already been mentionedand have been formalized, the recent release of PS Plus in the East now tells us that retro games will also have the right to several visual modes.

In particular, we will have the right to Standard modewhich simply resumes the original graphics, a Retro Classic mode which also takes the original graphics, but also adds an “old school” filter and a modern way which refines the graphics without distorting them. A user has also shared a comparison of each mode. You will also notice that this is Oddworld: Abe’s Odyssey, a newcomer to the service. (from left to right: standard, modern and classic retro).

In addition, it will be possible to choose a retro 4:3 display or to opt for a current 16:9.

Very good news in addition to the previous announcement which affirmed the arrival of trophies for certain retro games. The new PlayStation Plus is obviously trying to seduce a maximum of its future subscribers.

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Will such options pass you through at checkout?

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