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PlayStation Plus: Sony will not do like the Xbox Game Pass with its PS exclusives


If there are still a lot of gray areas regarding PlayStation Plus, Sony is nevertheless fixed when it comes to its PS5 exclusives.

The PlayStation Plus will soon be getting a boost, from June 22 with us, and while we don’t know anything about the launch catalog of the new offers, we can be sure of one thing, there will be no PS5 exclusives. in day one.

You will have to buy your PS5 exclusives like everyone else

Jim Ryan had already told us, for the moment, Sony does not intend to put its first party games in the PS Plus program from day one so as not to lose quality. And obviously, the company is determined not to flinch since recently, it is the financial director of the firm who gives the cover by repeating the same arguments.

By answering a series of questions as part of the latest financial report of the box, Hikori Totoki therefore spoke on the subject PlayStation Studios games and their integration with new PS Plus subscriptions.

If we distribute our AAA PS5 titles on the PlayStation Plus subscription service, we may need to reduce the investment required to design them. This would deteriorate the quality of first-party titles and that is what worries us. So we want to make sure that we can spend enough in development to have solid products and titles that will be introduced in the right way. It’s not a road we’ve traveled in the past [Mettre des jeux PlayStation Studios day one dans le PS Plus] and we’re not going to borrow it either with this new service.

For Sony, therefore, it is impossible to help the studios financially for development, and at the same time ensure the online release of their games in the PS Plus. To understand, you have to know that making games available “for free” in a service has a cost, since the company, here Sony, must financially make up for the shortfall on sales from the studio. Obviously, it’s a little bigger here since the maneuver is a bit more complex than that and many more parameters come into play, such as partnerships and agreements for example. But in any case, Sony doesn’t seem to want to spend more than necessary, or split its budget.

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There will therefore be no God of War Ragnarok, The Last of Us Remake, if it ever arrives that one, and other Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 in PlayStation Plus from launch. It will certainly be necessary to wait many months before seeing this kind of hits land in the catalog.unlike the Xbox Game Pass which made day one additions its main argument.

Source: www.videogameschronicle.com

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