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PlayStation Studios Fireesprite on Narrative Horror Game with UE5


Firesprite, one of the newest additions to the PlayStation Studios family, is currently recruiting developers for a AAA horror game running Unreal Engine 5.

Since Abandoned will probably never be released, PS5 players are going to have to repatriate on other narrative horror game projects on the PlayStation console. In a series of job offers, we now discover that Firesprite, one of the latest studios acquired by Sony for its family of first-party developers, is on a AAA project.

The British studio revealed a little via its job offers. Presented as a horror-adventure narrative-oriented titlethe game will run under the revolutionary and highly rated engine Unreal Engine 5. The studio even speaks of a lore for the game, which may suggest a fairly extensive narration:

The Narrative Director is responsible for the narrative of the project, helping to establish and consider the universe and the lore of the game, with responsibility for the implementation of the quality of the narrative content for the key stages of the project.

That’s pretty good when you know that Firesprite bought out Fabrik Games, studio that has already cut its teeth in survival-horror with The Persistence on PS4, and which has also released a few VR games. Nothing says, however, that the title in development will be a Sony exclusive for the moment.

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As a reminder, Firespirit is already on another project for Sony, as it is developing the VR spin-off of Horizon on the PSVR 2 virtual reality headset with Guerrilla Games.

Source: opattack.com

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