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Pokemon Arceus Legends: Massive Unreleased and Exclusive Pokemon Leaks


The next opus of the famous license comes out in just a few days, but the web is already flooded with screenshots revealing a good number of exclusive creatures.

Allergic to spoilers? So go your way

Pokemon Legends: Arceus will only be available on January 28 which arrives exclusively on Nintendo Switch, and yet, many visuals have leaked on the net.

The opportunity for the most curious to rinse the eye (literally and figuratively) and especially to discover new Pokemon as well as exclusive forms of existing creatures.

We note for example the presence, already known, of Caninos or Voltorbe (and their respective evolution) but also the legendary Palkia and Dialga, here visible under their “Origin Form”. Finally, we will also be able to see Seracrawl, Typhlosion or even Farfuret and Archeduc in a whole new aspect.

Apparently a good bunch of Pokemon that we know will have the right to their own form and new types, more than to wait a few days to find out for sure.

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Source: www.nintendo-town.fr

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