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Pokémon Home: Pokémon Diamond, Pearl and Arceus become compatible


Pokémon Home has just received a major update allowing the latest games to become compatible and thus creating the ultimate Pokédex.

If since the recent Pokémon, it is no longer possible to completely complete its Pokédex, Nintendo has however deployed for some time Pokémon Home, an application available on Switch and mobile that saves all your little monsters directly in the Cloud and with which it is possible to transfer your Pokémon from one game to another without any problems. But so far, the latest Switch games were not yet compatible, which is why the application is now in version 2.0.

The ultimate Pokémon collection in one app

Now Pokémon Sparkling Diamond, Sparkling Pearl, Sword, Shield, and Arceus Legends are all compatible with Pokémon Home. You can therefore transfer your Pokémon from one game to another as you wish, or take advantage of already stored Pokémon.

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However, some changes may be made to your pokémon during the transfer, the kind of pokéball will change for example to Strange Ball or standard Pokéball while certain attacks can be transformed in the event that, for example, it does not exist not the target version.

In addition to adding the latest games, Pokémon Home updates its Pokédexes to match each of your saved versions. So you can complete each of them to become the ultimate trainer.

To celebrate the event, Mystery Gifts will be offered in each of the recent games. You will be able to recover Piplup, Chimpanzee, and Twistipouse with hidden attacks in Sparkling Diamond and Sparkling Pearlwhile these are boosted versions ofHericendre, Brindibou and Moustillon which will be offered in Pokémon Legends: Arceus.

Source: pokemon.com

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