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Pokémon-like Coromon is pushed back to Switch


The Switch version of the Pokémon-like Coromon, which was to be released on March 31, has been postponed due to a certain malfunction.

It can easily be seen – both in the title and in the experience it seems to offer – Coromon is inspired by the well-known Nintendo license: Pokemon. The world presented is similar. Humans and Named Creatures coromone live in harmony. However, the peace that resides there is threatened by an obscure organization, against which you will have to oppose.

Developped by TRAGSoft and published by Freedom Games, the 2D game will be released on PC (Steam) next March 31. As for his version Switch, it has been postponed to an as yet unknown date. A postponement motivated by issues with online features and cross-play.

Here is the message from the development team:

Good morning all!

This is definitely not an announcement we wanted to make, but we want to be as transparent and honest with you all as possible. While working on the port of Coromon to Nintendo Switch, we ran into some unexpected difficulties with online functionality and cross-platform multiplayer. We want to make sure that the experience we bring to you on Switch will be the best it can be, and to do that we need to delay the launch on Switch. We hope this delay won’t be too long, as we know you’re all very excited to play Coromon on the go and against your friends/other Seekers.

That being said, we’ll still be launching the game on Steam this Thursday, March 31! The Steam version will include multiplayer and cross-platform saves. Your saves from the Steam demo can also be transferred to the full version of the game. When we launch the game on Switch, you will also be able to play cross-platform. We can’t wait to bring Coromon to Nintendo Switch, so we’re working hard to make it happen and will let you all know as soon as we have a new release date.

Thank you all for your support and patience with us. Shine brightly!

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