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Pokémon Scarlet & Violet: Information Expected Soon


A program will soon broadcast, as the host channel claims, information about the new Pokémon titles announced very recently.

The show PokéDoko from a Japanese channel has just announced the upcoming broadcast of an upcoming live show centered on the next Switch opuses recently revealed: Pokémon Violet & Scarlet. She says new information will be released during the presentation.

However, according to the user Twitter Pocketmonsters.net, it has been years since any proprietary information has been transmitted in such a way. Of course, the possibility is not zero. However, as the same individual indicates, it would be more credible to expect to see the elements in question appear in the days preceding the broadcast of this April 24. Therefore, it could be that on this date, it would only be a repeat.

TV Tokyo’s summary for PokéDoko 4, which will air on April 24, 2022, indicates that there will be a segment with “Latest information on Pokémon games!”. New game information will most likely be announced this week before it airs on this show.

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