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Pokémon TCG: Metamorphs troll players with Pokémon GO expansion


The Pokémon trading card game is getting a new Pokémon GO expansion and with it, completely new mechanics.

The Official Pokémon TCG Just Got a Pokémon Go Expansion and on the menu of these new collectible cards we can count on a Melmetal VMAXthe return many illustrious legendary pokemon and especially Metamorphs with a feature never seen before.

Shapeshifter Hiding IRL

Aficionados of the Pokémon series know it very well, Metamorph’s great specialty is to take on the appearance of any other Pokémon and to mimic its type and attacks. For this new Pokémon Go extension, the creators have decided to play with this particularity and to troll collectors a little.

From now on, in your booster packs, you may find Metamorphs that have taken the form of another card present in the deck. To identify them, nothing could be simpler, you should already know that there is never a duplicate in one and the same booster, you just have to locate the duplicate cards and take a look at the bottom left of each one and find a small Drawn Ditto, this is then the copy.

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So you can remove the sticker stuck to the surface of the card to reveal the real star pokémon: Metamorph. A rather fun new mechanic.

For the game itself, once on the field, this new Ditto will allow you to use the attacks of any pokemon in your discard pile (except special pokemon like GX, V, etc.).

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