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Pokémon Unite: A new creature is coming soon


The MOBA Pokémon Unite will soon be enriched. And for good reason, a new arrival is expected in the coming days.

A little less than a year ago, the MOBA Pokémon Unite appeared on Nintendo Switch. Some 2 months after its arrival, the title had been downloaded nearly 10 million times. Which is really nothing compared to the most recent figures: last April, free-to-play exceeded 70 million downloads. But, it must be said that his arrival on mobile in September 2021 helped him to make his nest …

Mentali arrives

So, logically, we won’t take any risks if we say that a very active population is wandering around – at this very moment perhaps – on this Pokemon Unite. All these players will then surely be delighted to learn of the upcoming arrival of Mentali. The creature has indeed made an appointment for May 16.

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Before being made official, the Pokémon had been leaked, just like Goupelin who should be the next to show up.

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