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Pokémon Violet and Scarlet show up in video and get a lot of info


The next two Pokémon games have been shown through a new presentation to try to impress us.

Expected for November 18th on SwitchPokémon Violet and Scarlet have offered us new information about their universe, and are announced as revolutions for the license.

A revival for the license?

Violet and Scarlet will indeed be the first games to be completely open world and playable in cooperation up to 4. It will be possible to to move around the entire Paldea region on the back of a Pokémonincluding the use of the two new legends, Koraidon and Miraidonwhich can be used as “motorcycles”. The live show was also the occasion to discover 3 new pokémon including a new form ofAxoloto, Pâtachiota small dog all cute and Balbalèzeable to freeze everything around him.

In addition to having the right to some new forms of existing pokémon (as Axoloto for example) Violet and Scarlet introduced a brand new form of temporary evolution for pokémon, the “Teracrystallization”.. With the help of special pokéballs it will be possible to boost your pokémon during the fight by giving them new skills and statistics. Pokemon Violet and Scarlet may mark a major shift for the licenseWe’ll just have to wait for their release to know for sure.

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