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Pragmatic Play Live Casino Releases 2 New Live Baccarat Games


One of the reasons why Pragmatic Play Live Casino software is one of the most popular among internet users is because it regularly releases new games with live dealers.

This has been proven once again in the last few days. Indeed, it has released a few days apart 2 tables dedicated to a very popular card game: Super 8 Baccarat on one side and Fortune 6 Baccarat on the other.

Their main originality lies in the different side bets they offer.

Otherwise, both follow the traditional rules of baccarat, including the 5% commission to be paid on winning bets placed on the banker’s hand.

The 7 side bets of Super 8 Baccarat

Side bet lovers are in for a treat with Super 8 Baccarat from Pragmatic Play Live Casino. This live dealer game offers no less than 7 different side bets.

Red Player, Black Player, Red Banker and Black Banker for example allow us to try and win up to 10 times our bet.

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To do this, the hand of our choice must contain 2 cards of the right suit. Super 8 can win up to 6 times our bet, if a natural 8 is rolled.

As for Player’s Super Pair and Banker’s Super Pair, they offer us the chance to try and pocket up to 40 to 1 whenever the hand of our choice is won with a pair of 4s.

We have to admit that the Super 8 Baccarat studio is once again very well decorated. The blue-green color is very pleasing to the eye, and the woodwork around the table is very nice.

There are also some original style sconces on the wall behind the live dealer.

Fortune 6 Baccarat’s 5 side bets

When you play at the new Fortune 6 Baccarat live dealer table at Pragmatic Play Live Casino, there is no chance of getting bored. There are no less than 5 different side bets to choose from.

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Player’s Fortune Pair and Banker’s Fortune Pair allow us to pocket up to 9 times our bet for a matched pair and Fortune 6 up to 120 times our bet for a set of 6s formed by the first 3 cards dealt.

Finally, Player 6 and Banker 6 pay 14 to 1 and 16 to 1 respectively for a win with a hand of 6.

Again, the overall aesthetics of the studio that hosts Fortune 6 Baccarat are extremely well done. There is an elegant table with a beautiful blue carpet and a wall that mixes duck blue and purple with a lot of gold.

One thing is for sure: Pragmatic Play Live Casino’s Super 8 Baccarat and Fortune 6 Baccarat live dealer games are proving to be very eye-catching.

They deserve to be discovered as soon as possible. For this, we recommend the excellent online casino Dublinbet.

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