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Project Q formalized by Ubisoft: “without NFT and with fun!”


After Tom Henderson’s leaks, Ubisoft was forced to formalize its Project Q, a new Battle Arena with several PvP modes in the graphic style of Fortnite.

It did not take long, as often, to have confirmation from Ubisoft. Just hours after the Project Q gameplay leak and Tom Henderson’s article, the French studio has formalized on his Twitter the existence of this project, but immediately denies the genre: “it’s not a Battle Royale.”

Although the graphical aspect strongly resembles games like Fortnite or Overwatch, this multiplayer title is a PvP game with “several modes and a single goal: FUN”, advances the communication of the game. Obviously, there will be at least one 4v4 battle arena zone capture where the teams will have to make points to win. On the other hand, there will be a part Battle Royale but between 4 duos. In short, multiplayer modes with up to 8 players.

Other info announced directly by the twitter account: there will be no NFT in the game. Good news for the studio, which has been strongly criticized on several occasions for its use of tokens in its new productions. As a reminder, Ubisoft has several multiplayer projects in progress, including a “Pathfinder” supposed to replace Hyper Scapeclosed for lack of public. Project Q adds to the long list of free-to-play multiplayer projects of the future big acquisition of the industry.

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As the saying goes, cut a head off the hydra, it will grow back two more.

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