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PS Now cards are disappearing, in favor of a future “PS Plus Ultimate”? News @VGR


For several weeks and in several territories, Sony has been phasing out PlayStation Now subscription cards. A decision that would clarify the enigmatic “PlayStation Game Pass”, the famous “Spartacus” project.

To end the year 2021 well, Jason schreier stood out with a big new rumor: Sony would launch a “concurrent” offer to Xbox Game Pass on PS4 and PS5, the Spartacus project which would merge the PS Plus and Now.

At present, no word from the Japanese firm, but an action which would tend to confirm this little gossip. Jeff grubb, insider and reporter for VentureBeat, learned that UK retailers have until January 21, 2022 to withdraw PlayStation Now subscription cards from the market, information from the management of the Game channel.

Following this, Schreier reacted via Twitter, specifying that PlayStation Now cards have already been withdrawn from sale for weeks in the United States … in preparation for the launch of this “PlayStation Game Pass”.

Obviously, it will therefore be necessary to expect various tariff proposals, as for any service of its kind, but there is still a bunch of unknowns: what will be the fixed prices? What will be the final name of this Spartacus project? Yes PS Game Pass is an option – admittedly quite crude – we would rely more on PS Plus Premium, Where PS Plus Ultimate for a reference to Xbox, but hey, provided our crystal ball is functional.

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And finally, when will the announcement be made? Well … why not at the possible “big” State of Play in February?

Are you in favor of this merger of PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now, with different levels and associated bonuses? What will the prices be according to you? What will be the final name retained? PS: if you are right, you will win a box of cookies (or not, I was promised, I’m still waiting)

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