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PS Now: Games of the month for May 2022


Soon to be ancient history, PS Now now offers to discover its new arrivals, among which is the famous ninja with yellow hair.

There is a little more than a month before his disappearance. Yes, you are not without knowing it, the PS Now will merge in June as part of Sony’s announced revival and will no longer exist on its own. However, the catalog will still be accessible to subscribers of the service, who when the new subscription levels come to them, will be automatically directed to the PS Plus Premium.

May hosts two fighting games

In May, the PS Now hosts three games, two of which are combat. One of the video game adaptations of the fiery yellow-haired ninja, naruto, will indeed appear alongside SoulCalibur VI. And, to complete the list, it will also be necessary to count on the presence of Metroidvania in the unhealthy universe, Blasphemous. They will be made available from this tuesday 3 myi.

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