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PS Plus: Final Fantasy 7 Intergrade is finally not free for all


Sony’s new PS Plus program is acting up, and a portion of gamers aren’t getting access to Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s DLC.

Announced in the list of PS Plus Premium and Extra games for July, Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Intergrade is obviously not accessible for everyone.

Not everyone has the Cloud

Indeed, several users began to gently shout on social networks when they realized that it was impossible to get Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Intergrade, the DLC of FF7 Remake. The reason? He already has a version of the game, which causes an error message and blocks access.

Decidedly, Sony and Square Enix have a hard time with Final Fantasy 7 Remake sincethere had already been some mess-ups when the remake was offered on PS4forcing players to pay again to get the PS5 update. Now, these same players can no longer access the Intergrade DLC although this one is available for purchase separately and offered in pack with Final Fantasy 7 Remake this month of July.

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No doubt that Sony and Square Enix will quickly find a solutionBut until then, if you want to play Intergrade, you will have to go through the store.

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