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PS Plus Premium: retro games for August 2022 already known?


PlayStation Blog Italy would have made a blunder by announcing retro titles a hair early and that will make people happy.

While Sony was announcing the PS Plus Premium and Extra games for July, the Italian PlayStation Blog site made a mistake by announcing some games that were not scheduled until later.

Retro games leaked before their time

On the July games announcement page, PlayStation Blog Italy had indeed listed 3 more major titles to come: Dino Crisis (PS1), Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny (PSP) and Ridge Racer 2 (PSP). Aware of the mistake, the site quickly erased all traces of its error, except that the internet does not forget and screenshots were taken as reported by our colleagues from PushSquare.

So it could be that the three retro games will land only later, and why not in August? This is not the first time that Dino Crisis is mentioned in the PS Plus Premium games listing since it was already rumored during the launch of the new PS Plus in Asia. But for the moment, Dino Crisis is still considered as one of the many great absentees from the catalog;
We just have to wait and see if these games will eventually arrive.

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