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PS Plus: promotions, accumulation of subscriptions, Sony will make you pay for it


Bad news for those who have stacked their subscriptions and / or have taken advantage of promotions, the change of PS Plus is likely to be salty.

All is not rosy with the arrival of the new PlayStation Plus subscription. Despite the good news, Asian users have made a sad observation concerning the pricing of subscriptions and more specifically, the migration from one subscription to another.

You have to read the small lines of the contract carefully.

When announcing the new subscription plans, Sony was clear about the migration of its services.
Standard PS Plus subscribers would be taken directly to a PS Plus Essential subscriptionwhile those who have subscribed to PS Now will automatically migrate to the PS Plus Premium plan. Then began for many a race to accumulate subscriptions.

The players have indeed taken advantage of promotions or prepaid cards to store a maximum of subscription time before the change, in particular to save money, except that they had obviously not read all the conditions.

In the official FAQ, available at this address, we can indeed read that if automatic migrations to similar offers will be done at no additional cost, upgrading to a higher plan (Extra or Premium) would involve charges prorated to the months remaining on your active subscription in their entirety.

When the new PlayStation Plus subscription becomes available, you will be able to upgrade your subscription to a plan that offers additional features and benefits. In doing so, you will be billed in proportion to the time remaining on your existing subscription according to the desired level. For example, if you purchased a 12-month subscription five months ago (and therefore have seven months left), you will need to pay pro-rated to upgrade your remaining seven months to the desired plan. Then, on your next payment date, you’ll be charged the standard price for the plan you upgraded to at your previously chosen frequency.

And even between the lines

If you have, for example, 2 years of PlayStation Plus left, and you want to test the PlayStation Plus Premium, you will therefore be obliged to upgrade your subscription for a period of 24 months, which still represents the tidy sum of 120 €.

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It will indeed be impossible to subscribe to a higher offer for a limited period, then return to a lower formula once you have already accumulated your subscriptions.which explains in particular why Sony had asked players to let their subscription expire .

On the other hand, what Sony had not clearly said, even if it reads between the lines in the end, is that promotions would not be taken into account and you will have to pay the difference. Sony’s calculation is as follows: “PS Plus Premium Value – Purchase price of your active subscription” and not based on the value of the PS Plus itself.

If you have, for example, 12 months of PS Plus purchased on sale on the PS Store at 40€ (33% discount as often) you will have to pay 80€ (120 – 40) and not 60€ (120 – 60) as one might think.

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A commercial gesture on the part of Sony could have avoided such a hubbub especially since the promotions are systematically indicated on the title of our subscriptions from the moment the offer was offered on the PS Store. A discount to celebrate the transfer of its PS Plus offer would therefore not have been luxury.

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