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PS Plus: Some retro games wouldn’t run so well after all


Backwards compatibility yes, but not too obviously since Sony has made a choice that will certainly divide its PS1 and PSP games.

Freshly landed in Asia, the Playstation Plus is currently being dissected by its users and the information is starting to fall. We also recently learned that new games would be present in the catalog and that the trophies would also be part of more retro titles. And if Sony seems to be betting big on the retro, that does not prevent it from making choices that some already qualify as questionable.

Emulation at Sony is PAL Peru

In this case, the problem pointed out by fans concerns the versions of PS1 and PSP games used. Sony would indeed opt for the PAL versions of its flagship games, instead of aiming for NTSC, the Asian and American standard.

And if such a decision infuriates, it’s simply because PAL versions, very common in Europe, are about 20% less efficient and can only display 50Hz, where NTSC are much faster and display 60Hz.

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This is not the first time that Sony has done the trick, since it is in particular PAL versions that were used in the PlayStation Classic which, at the time, had also raised anger among players since some games couldn’t even reach 30 fpswhere the NTSC versions get them without flinching.

For the time being, users claim that the entire catalog of PS1 first party games is in PAL versionbut it remains to be seen whether all games will be affected or not.

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