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PS Plus: Sony confirms that it has blocked the accumulation of subscriptions


Sorry, no one will be able to save money by combining PS Plus and PS Now subscriptions, Sony preferred to stem the bleeding.

While the PlayStation Plus is about to have its biggest change this summer, many players were quick to fill up on subscription to take advantage of Sony’s migration policy and thus save money. Except thata few days ago several users were reporting that they could no longer combine their PS Plus and PS Now subscriptions, without knowing if it was a decision by the Japanese firm or a simple bug.

Prohibition of accumulating the PS Plus

In the end, it was indeed Sony that cut the manipulation short by prohibiting the accumulation of subscriptions until the implementation of its new PS Plus offer to “make the transition as smooth as possible”. This is in any case the reason mentioned in the FAQ available on the official US site.

As we prepare to launch the new PlayStation Plus subscription service, we are working internally to make the transition as smooth as possible for all of our existing members. As part of this work, we have temporarily disabled subscription stacking for existing customers until after launch. Rest assured that your voucher code is still valid and you will be able to use it either when your current subscription expires and is deactivated or after the launch of the new PlayStation Plus service in your region, whichever comes first. .

Don’t throw away your prepaid cards!

Nevertheless, Sony makes it clear that prepaid cards (PS Plus and PS Now) will be reusable after launch. However, the operation will be different this time, since your cards will be converted into subscription time according to the new rates. For example, a one-month (current) PS Plus voucher can be redeemed for one month of PS Plus Essential, 3 weeks of PS Plus Extra or 15 days of PS Plus Premium.

As a reminder, at the base, Sony had simply announced that subscribers would see their active PS Plus and PS Now subscriptions transform directly into a superior offer, while maintaining the same duration. This is still relevant, only you can no longer take advantage of offers on prepaid cards to pile up subscriptions before the change.

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