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PS Plus: Sony to make demos mandatory for future PS5 games


The new Playstation Plus promises playable demos to test the apps and it’s Sony who will make sure the developers play the game.

As PlayStation Plus is about to make its biggest change since its inception, and will be available with us from June 22Sony is already beginning to communicate with the developers about the new measures that will have to be applied.

Mandatory demos for almost all games

Among the new advantages of Playstation Plus Premium, the ultimate formula of the next PS Plus, Sony has announced that subscribers will be entitled to exclusive demos to test the games in advance. A great promise from the manufacturer, but which was above all due to the goodwill of the developers and their ability to produce such content, especially since it requires arms, time and money.

Never mind! To make sure the studios lay out demos, Sony has decided to make the measure simply mandatory for all future PS5 games. According to information from Game Developer, all games costing more than $34 (wholesale, not retail) landing on PlayStation will be required to offer a playable 2 hour trial and will have up to three months after release to do so. In addition, Sony says it is open to proposals for specific trial versions, but these will be analyzed and validated on a case-by-case basis.

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An exceptional measure that allows Sony to cover its back and keep its promises, even if it means angering some studios, young and old. Since if the players should be thrilled to learn the news, the studios certainly less because, as said above, the demos and other trial versions, do not happen by themselves and have a cost. It remains to be seen who will foot the bill.

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