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PS Plus: Sony withdraws prepaid cards from stores


As Sony prepares to deploy its new PlayStation Plus with us, prepaid cards are gradually disappearing from dealer stocks.

The case was first spotted by the Polish site XGP who noticed that prepaid cards for PS Plus subscriptions were disappearing from various European sites. Our colleagues from VGC have also been able to confirm this across the Channel. In France, sites like Amazon and Micromania no longer offer themwhile other resellers are seeing their stocks slowly dissolve. So it looks like Sony is cleaning up.

Is it the end of PS Plus prepaid cards?

But this is not surprising in the end since it was already the case for PlayStation Now not long ago and Sony also campaigned by asking users to no longer store prepaid cards. The PlayStation Plus is changing and will soon offer not one, but three formulas. It therefore seems obvious that the means of payment are centralized, at least to begin with, and differ from the previous subscription.

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However, for the moment, nothing confirms to us if, in the future, it will be possible or not to buy prepaid cards for the new online services of Sony. Concretely from June 22, it will therefore be necessary to go through the PS Store to subscribe to the new PS Plus. PSN cards, to fund your PlayStation account, however, remain available for purchase everywhere.

As a reminder, PlayStation Plus will be available in three formulas from June 22, 2022 and you can find all the information on the subject by going to this article: All about Sony’s new PS Plus.

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