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PS Store: up to -75% on a selection of hits with the PlayStation Indies


When it’s gone there’s more, and this time the PlayStation Store offers a salvo of attractive promotions on a list of more than 1300 titles. And here is a small selection.

You’ve just platinumized all your games, and you don’t want anything in your toy library anymore. You want to keep slouching on your couch in front of your PS5pack of “Doritos” in hand and DualSense fat in the other? This promotion may be here to save you.

Indeed, the PlayStation Store offers a new batch of promotions called “PlayStation Indies”which concerns a list of over 1300 games. Where it is interesting is that certain rebates can reach more than 75%and here is a small non-exhaustive list:

You can find the complete list by going directly to the PlayStation Store. It only remains for us to wish you a good shopping, and a good game.

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Source: store.playstation.com

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