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PS3 era peripherals soon usable on PS5?


In an official patent unveiled on the Internet, Sony seems to be focusing on a way to emulate PS3 generation peripherals on its new console, such as the PS Move or the PlayStation Eye.

Sony likes to file patents. Sometimes it’s useless, and sometimes it’s a way to preview new features. next innovations of the brand. In the last official document found by Gamerantit seems that the PS5 construction has the will to make revive peripherals of the PS3 generation.

Soon more than streaming for PS3 games?

On the patent made public, which presents “systems and methods for converting existing code into updated code”, drawings show DualShock controllers, a PSP console or a PlayStation Eye used in emulation on the PS5.

The invention relates to a method for facilitating a game session of an existing game. The method includes the steps of receiving user input during the game session of the existing game, determining whether one or more blocks of code for responding to the user input are cached, and accessing one or more instructions of code of the existing game when it is determined that the one or more blocks of code are not cached.

While the technical description does not tell us much about the purpose of the use, it does seem to explain the operation of an emulation module that could also support a PlayStation Mouse, a Sony Media Remote, the PlayStation Move and a “memory card reader connected to the PS5 via the USB port.” capable of reading what appears to be SD cards “or any type used by the console”.

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The fact that most of these components come directly from the 7th generation could have something to do with the new PlayStation Plus, one of whose tiers is clearly intended to emulate PS3 games on the PS5but in streaming only. Would Sony now like to offer a new approach to its players?

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