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PS3 games appear on the PS Store PS5 due to a bug


Is this a first step to “Project Spartacus”, the future “PlayStation Game Pass” which will allow PS3 games to be played on the new console? Not sure…

This is perhaps the big disappointment of the weekend for the PS5 players. Indeed, a few hours ago, PS3 games have appeared on the PS Store from the PS5, bringing its share of new rumors. Except that… all this would not be just a bug. Impossible to download or play them, the titles just showed a banner with the prices where they shouldn’t be, preferring to redirect clickers to the PS Now.

As a result, many users thought of a good surprise and tried to recover these PS3 games in vain. YouTuber Ryan Biniecki recalled on his Twitter that it was a visual bug which appeared from time to time on the Sony store. For now, the only way to play PS3 (and PS2) backward compatibility on the new console is to upgrade via PS Now streaming.

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Or to wait for the “Spartacus project”…

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