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PS5: a new update significantly improves the gaming experience


Sony has just released a new update for its new gen console, bringing something new that will interest the public.

This July 7, 2022Sony’s new gen console has received a new update. This last one thus comes to improve the performances of the system, but not only, since this new patch (weighing 1 GO at least) brings a new element which will undoubtedly be appreciated by the owners of the machine. Well, by some of them.

ALLM now activated

To take advantage of the new contribution, it is indeed necessary to have the appropriate television set, either a material supporting the mode ALLM (automatic low latency mode). If you are in this case, then it will be possible for you to have now a PS5 compatible with the functionality and therefore act on the thing thanks to the contribution of the new parameters, which you can handle according to the indications that here:

  • If you are using a TV that supports ALLM (automatic low latency mode), you can adjust the settings by going to Settings > Screen & Video > Video Output > ALLM.
  • If you select Automatic, your TV will automatically switch to low latency mode when you start a game.
  • If you select Off, ALLM mode will not be enabled except with VRR (variable refresh rate) output.
  • This system software update improves system performance.

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