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PS5: Discord coming soon to Sony’s console


Despite the discreet marriage between Discord and PlayStation, we still wonder when the online chat service will arrive on PS5. We might finally have some clues.

After many rumors, the alliance between Sony and Discord finally came to fruition in 2021. But it’s only in February 2022 that Discord finally arrives on consoles… at Microsoft. This news is as unexpected as it is surprising, and it also puts PlayStation players on the sidelines, leaving them with only the permission to link their PSN account to the app for comfort. However, while Sony remains silent on the subject, new information has just come into the hands of the very knowledgeable Tom Henderson, and he has some good news.

Discord on PS5 is coming!

According to the confirmed insider, several of his sources (including the one who validated the arrival of Dualsense Edge controllers months before their official announcement), agree that Discord should be fully compatible with PlayStation consoles in the coming months. We even hear aboutan update that would arrive at the same time as version 7.0 (6.0 is scheduled for mid-September).

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In other words, it should soon be possible to use Discord to chat with friends/groups directly via our PS5s.

PC, Xbox, mobile and PS5 players should soon be able to meet all together in the same voice chat without worrying about the platform on which they prefer to play. Harmony is beautiful.

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