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PS5, games distributed… Sony reveals its sales figures


Sony has just revealed its figures for the first quarter of this year 2022. This includes the number of PS5, games and PS Plus subscription.

After the communication of GSD for the first 6 months of this year regarding European sales, Sony now reveals its figures for the fiscal year that began in April and has ended on June 31, 2022 (FY 2022/2023). And on that date, the PS5 had been sold (since its launch) to a little more than 21.7 million copies in the world. This is obviously a little less than what its predecessor had achieved in a similar period (or 25 million PS4s in June 2015). Fairly normal considering the shortage affecting the industry.

Sales doing well?

In the last three months before June 31, Sony’s console was distributed to approximately 2.3 million units. This represents an approximate increase of 0.1 million more PS5s than last year over the same period and more than 0.4 over the previous 3 months. Which on the whole is about constant.

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Among the figures for its console, the company also revealed others. First, there are those of PS Plus subscribers who have enjoyed a small increase: from 46.3 million last year, they are now 47.3. This represents a small increase… although over the previous three months ending March 31, this is more of a decrease (47.4).

However, as far as the games part is concerned, we notice a much more consistent downward movement. Sales of titles sold on PlayStation consoles (PS4 and PS5) were counted at a little over 47 million. This corresponds to a decrease of around 16 million compared to the 63.6 of the previous year. And, when 10.6 million PlayStation Studios-stamped titles were distributed in 2021, only 6.4 million were purchased during this period between April and June 2022.

What is also notable is the decline of physical formats. As we saw recently with a recent survey of the best-selling games of this first half of the year in Europe, there is more confirmation here of the ever-increasing advance of dematerialization. Here, with the figures of Sony, we can see that 79% of sales were in digital format, which is much higher than the 71% of 2021.

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Quite low numbers for games that are just waiting for a good moment to get going again. Let’s bet that this end of the year will be quite prolific, especially with the arrival of the very big God of War Ragnarok. But, this will probably not be enough to make up for the delay on the last year…

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