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PS5: PlayStation gives away stickers to fight scalpers


Here is a rather curious way to fight against the phenomenon of scalping which has affected the video game sphere since the Covid-19 pandemic. Sony is giving retailers seals to stick on PS5 packaging.

Even if the phenomenon tends to fade, it is not uncommon to see PlayStation 5 blithely exceed the recommended prices for reach 800 euros on recognized sales sites.

Inflation caused by the Covid-19 crisis that we have been going through for more than 2 years and which has caused shortages of semiconductors. Indispensable components for the PS5 design and other global market products which integrate a minimum of embedded technologies.

Some of us saw it as an opportunity to get rich off the backs of impatient consumers by buying PS5 by trucksto then resell them at stratospheric prices.

The Japanese firm is well aware of this problem, and seems to be struggling for a few weeks already with a brand new processwhich, let’s be honest, is more like a good stab in the water.

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PlayStation indeed offers retailers of certain Japanese brands to affix a seal on the box of the PS5 bearing the mention “open”. It allows in theory toidentify the console as a one-time sale, and prevent subsequent resale. Because at the time of the transaction, the retailer breaks the seal, which apparently cannot be peeled off. One way to let others know that if the console is on sale again is that the buyer tries to make ends meet on your back.

We all the same very quickly perceive the limits of this system which in any case does not prevent the purchase of several models if we want to. In addition, this process only concerns Japanese brands and probably does not apply to the PlayStation Direct sales site. Everything seems easy to circumvent.

Source: news.yahoo.co.jp

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