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PS5: Western Digital announces (almost) new official SSD


One of the leaders of the hardware market is about to (re)release an official SSD for the latest Sony console.

You probably already know this, but it is possible to change the SSD of its PS5 under certain conditions. This one must indeed scrupulously meet specific characteristics to be integrated into your console under penalty of not working or, in the worst case, damaging your console. This is why Sony had given a list of compatible SSDs, we had also tested the maneuver at the time.

An SN850 SSD in the colors of the PS5

Despite Sony’s list, many other SSDs were perfectly compatible, but didn’t really have the Sony crest. This was notably the case for the Western Digital SN850 SSD. Released in 2021, this range of SSDs worked perfectly with the PS5, but did not yet have an official certification. This is now corrected.

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Western Digital has thus obtained its validation and thus brings out its SN850 NVMe on the market by changing the box, and by “readjusting” the price in the process. From now on, if you intend to acquire a SSD WD_BLACK SN850 NVMe 1 TB, it will cost you $ 169while the 2TB version will ask you 279$. (the conversion in euro is the same, as usual).

Prices that are finally quite close to the other official PS5 peripherals, but which are still higher than those of the classic SN850 (and just as compatible). You can easily find them for 30 to 60€ less at some retailers.

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