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PS5’s DualSense Named ‘Best Controller Ever’


In parallel with the real BAFTA ceremony, the Twitter account launched a contest to determine which was the best controller among a dozen competitors.

On the occasion of the BAFTAs, which now also reward video games every year, the very honorable British Academy of Film and Television Arts had launched a competition where Internet users were the only judges. The result is in: after a competition in several rounds and the presence of many legendary controllers, it was the PS5 that was considered the best of all time.

In the final, she had no real competition, since it was the DualShock of the PS2 that was opposite, ensuring Sony was victorious. Note that the illustrious Game Cube controller failed at the foot of the podium against the big winner, just like the SNES dogbone, another legendary controller.

But the DualSense did not make a gift. In the new vote launched this weekend on Twitter by the organizer, the controller won at 73% against 27%. We simply regret that this competition only saw the participation (of the month for the final) of 475 voters, which puts the result into perspective a little…

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As a reminder, the BAFTA Awards ceremony took place recently with the ultimate award for The Power of the Dog. The ceremony for video games, the 19th BAFTA Games Awards will take place on April 7, 2022.

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