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PSN failure: problem over, firmware update is coming


A few hours after a crash on all PlayStation online services, the firmware update is deployed on all machines, but other problems are already being noted by users.

In the evening from Wednesday to Thursday, all PSN services have been re-enabled after a general crash which affected player subscriptions as much as certain games and the PS Store, on PS3, PS4, PS5 and PS Vita. For long hours (from 1 p.m. to 9 p.m. according to our information), a breakdown, supposedly associated with an update, cut services for many users.

Sony has not spoken on the incident and only delivers its steps by private message for those who have not managed to get the system to work. despite rebooting the console.

But during the night, other failures were noted by users. In particular, the online help service has received numerous messages noting Difficulty leaving PS5 DualSense paired to the console via bluetooth.

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This Wednesday, the hashtag #PSNDown and the word PlayStation were top trends on Twitter. It remains to be seen if all will go well today, given that the firmware update announced yesterday is deployed to all users now.

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