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PSVR 2 will be playable in demo very soon


If you go to the Japanese TGS show, you will have the privilege to get your hands (or eyes) on the PSVR 2, playing Resident Evil Village.

While the release date of Sony’s new virtual reality headset was given by its manufacturer recently, for early 2023, the PSVR 2 will be tested very soon by its first users. Indeed, the VR headset of the PS5 can be discovered in real life during the Tokyo Games Show, from September 15 to 18 next in Japan.

The announcement was made via a tweet from Capcom, which announced that its Resident Evil Village will be able be tested on site through the virtual reality of the new generation of PlayStation consoles. In three weeks, first impressions should bloom on the Internet, and bring us a little closer to the time of release. For information, only the Lady Dimitrecu’s castle level will be playable in VR.

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I know some people who are going to slap their knees at the idea of seeing the Great Lady from so close…

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