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Psychological Horror Game LUTO Shows Creepy Gameplay


Developed by Broken Bird Studio, LUTO has given itself a new presentation with short gameplay sequences that set the tone.

Definitely, horror games are popular this year and are having a small effect during this Summer Games Fest 2022. After the very gory ILL and The Callisto Protocol, here is LUTOa horror game at odds with the first two games presented.

Come play with me

No dismemberments here, no disgusting monsters or hemoglobin squirts, but a primary and visceral fearclose to a Face for example. LUTO is indeed banking on psychological terror by putting pressure on the players thanks to its oppressive atmosphere, its creepy visions and its nemesis simply dressed in a white sheet, as in our worst childhood nightmares.

LUTO is expected for the current year 2022 on PC, PS5 and PS4but does not have no definite date yet.

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