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Quantic Dream: after the scandals, the studio is making great efforts


After numerous cases of harassment, discrimination and homophobia, Quantic Dream intends to become, and remain, a real paradise for its employees.

If we talked a lot about the internal problems that occurred at Activision or even recently Sony, Quantic Dream has also had its share of misadventures. As a reminder, several people had complained about the oppressive atmosphere, discrimination, homophobic and sexist behavior as well as harassment (among other things). Cases also noted by many French media, which have tarnished the reputation of the studio and David Cage. But that was before.

Quantic Dream, the new Eden?

Now, Quantic Dream is making a lot of efforts to restore its image and make the studio a true haven of peace. Consulting, partnership, preventive measure… Quantic does not skimp on the means to make your workspace as healthy as possible And that’s good. Moreover, as its 25th anniversary approaches, the box lets us know with a blog-post relating all the measures applied.

  • We throw a partnership with an LGBTQIA+ association to ensure flawless portrayal of LGBTQIA+ characters, stories and themes in our games. Work and reflection sessions have already begun.
  • Quantic Dream is committed to the Diversity Charter promoted by the French organizations SNJV and SELL, the government agencies DGE and CNC. You can view it here.
  • Our LGBTQIA+ community has appointed spokespersons to ensure that a diversity of voices and representations can infuse everything we do, and that these perspectives are effective at all levels of the studio.?
  • We have and will continue to employ and promote diverse talentincluding within our narrative team, to ensure we reflect the diversity of our audience and the games we want to make.
  • Employees of the LGBTQIA+ community have been present at the studio since its creation. Many have a seniority of ten years or more in the company, evolving in all types of positions and levels of responsibility.?
  • We welcome a DEI manager (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) in our team, with a specific budget dedicated to DEI initiatives.?
  • More than 50% of our managers are women, among which are Production Directors, our Marketing Vice-President, our Sales Director, our Communications Director, our Human Resources Director, numerous Project Managers, Producers and Heads of Department. Our equity score (assessed by the French government) shows equal pay and equal treatment between women and men.
  • [*]Internal processes allow any employee to anonymously report workplace issues, through non-managerial staff. Various channels, including dedicated digital spaces, are available to express oneself, share ideas and raise concerns. Anonymous surveys are also carried out regularly in our team by independent third-party human resources companies, so that everyone can freely express their opinion or concerns.

Good things, then, but it’s a shame to see that we had to wait for such a commotion to see it happen. some measures that should have been there from the start. It has become a sad norm in the industry, and even more generally, in today’s society.

Anyway, now, and after the media explosion, the studio seems to be on the right track and can continue working on the next Star Wars Eclipse as well as its other secret project.

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