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Quantic Dream soon to be bought by a Chinese giant? News @VGR


According to rumors, one of the main groups of video games in the world, the Chinese Tencent, would have sights on the French studio of David Cage.

We know it, Tencent, the largest video game group in the world, is a bulimic ogre who buys everything that crosses his path. In recent weeks alone, the giant has recovered 1C Entertainment or Inflexion Games. But NetEase is not left behind and also wants its share of the cake. Quantic Dream is rumored to be next on the list.

In the midst of a wave of acquisitions, launched mainly by that of Activision-Blizzard by Microsoft, the world of video games is in full upheaval at the moment. and even fierce defenders of independence have made no secret of the fact that they would think twice about the considerable sums that can be spent.

According to Tom HendersonDavid Cage’s Quantic Dream studio could be acquired 100% by NetEase during the summer. The insider indicates that the discussions have already been deepened but that the deal may not yet be finalized. A rumor which also confirms old indiscretions stating that the French would seek new profitable partnerships for a few years. VSIt is for this reason that NetEase entered the capital in 2019 with a minority share.

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Today, the value of the Detroit studio Become Human could increase further with its ongoing Star Wars Eclipse project, but also a parallel AAA title and competitive play. Sign perhaps that the studio has already typed in the hand of NetEase?

Source: exputer.com

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