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Rainbow Six Siege: finally a new map with Operation Demon Veil


After having made several redesigns of its already existing maps, Rainbow Six Siege finally welcomes a new map with Operation Demon Veil.

The first season of Year 7, Operation Demon Veil brought with it a lot of changes including a new agent, and will, as promised, receive its new map. And this is only the beginning since 2022 marks the return of seasonal cardswhich have been abandoned for quite a while in favor of a whole bunch of redesigns.

After years of redesigns here and there, finally a new map for R6 Siege

Named Emerald Plains, the new map takes place in Ireland in a large property. A medium-sized map with several floors that offer wide spaces and several offensive or defensive opportunities.

The two floors inside Emerald Plains are distinct, with a modern ground floor contrasting with the classic style of the upper floor of the mansion, to provide clear landmarks and ease of orientation. Plus, spacious rooms provide ample playground in this medium-sized map.

Operation Demon Veil has been available since the beginning of the year on PS5, Xbox Series, PC, PS4 and Xbox One. As a reminder, this season has added a new agent to the roster, Akami, with throwing knives capable of creating structures, and even plugging holes. A first in Rainbow Six Siege. In addition, many balancing and fixes have been deployed in the process, as well as a “Deathmatch” game mode offering players to compete without taking the lead.
The Emerald Plains map is available now on all platforms and other features, like crossplay and additional game modes will be added in Year 7.

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