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Rambo comes to Far Cry 6


Following the appearance of Danny Trejo, Far Cry 6 welcomes a new event centered on a well-known universe. It is currently in progress.

After Danny Trejo, it’s now the turn of Rambo to show off the muscles. The icon of the 80s returns to service for Ubisoft and Far Cry 6.

Yes, the hero is back, time for a mission… well, not really: named All the Bloodthis new scripted content takes players to meet an unconditional fan of the saga carried by Sylvester Stallone. The latter, inhabited by the costume of his idol, sets off in pursuit of the men ofAnton Castillo in order to eliminate them. Free, it gives the possibility of unlocking a particularly destructive weapon: Revenge Arc.

Paid content is also offered. A new vehicle, equipment and a skin for the hero (both in its female and male version) make up the pack.

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