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Ravenholm: Arkane Studios’ Canceled Half Life Shows Gameplay


Arkane Studios’ Half Life project (Deathloop) resurfaces with an hour of gameplay from its unfinished version.

Around 2006-2007, long before Dishonored and Deathloop, Arkane Studios was working on behalf of Valve on a Half Life horror shooter game which, unfortunately, never saw the light of day.

Was it him Half Life 3?

But thanks to the NoClip chain, we can finally see what this Half Life Ravenholm offeredsince the channel shares with us no less than an hour of gameplay straight out of the pre-alpha.

Ravenholm was supposed to be a horror FPS where players battled a whole bunch of creatures. More action oriented than Half Life 2 was, the Arkane Studios software also offered the opportunity to play with the environment and the materials, such as electricity and its conductors, which was to give a lot of relief to what could have been just a simple shooter. We will also note the possibility of circumventing certain situations, in particular by using stratagems to lead the enemies to trap themselves or by creating a diversion.

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The video is also interspersed with several interventions by Danny O’Dwyer, figure of NoClipwhich sets the context and reveals some behind-the-scenes secrets he was able to recover from Sébastien MittonArtistic Director of Arkane Lyon.

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