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reboots of Crazy Taxi and Jet Set Radio to do like Fortnite? News @VGR


Apparently, Sega is preparing big budget reboots of Crazy Taxi and Jet Set Radio in order to do like Epic Games with Fortnite.

According to information from Bloomberg, Sega would have started its “Super Games” plan which would consist of finding licenses capable of uniting a large audience and holding up over the very long term, like Fortnite. In other words: game-services.

Crazy Taxi and Jet Set Radio, it’s stronger than you

According to the sources interviewed, two major projects are currently on track in order to become Gaas and that would be Crazy Taxi and Jet Set Radio who would have been elected. Moreover, Crazy Taxi has been in development for a year already and should see the light of day in two or three years, while Jet Set Radio is only in its infancy.

With these two new big budget games, Sega would like to take inspiration from what Epic Games did with Fortnite namely: making the game accessible to everyone, doing events around and in the game, creating and retaining a large community, etc.

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It could therefore be that the next Crazy Taxi and Jet Set Radio will be free-to-play and available on all platforms in addition to offering a whole bunch of in-app purchases.

Very nice plans for the publisher, which are likely to be much less so for a large fringe of players allergic to game-services and microtransactions. It would nevertheless be an opportunity to find two important licenses that made the heyday of Sega in the 2000sespecially on Dreamcast.

However, it’s good to take all of this with a grain of salt, especially as Bloomberg sources say nothing is set in stone and games can still be canceled.

Source: www.bloomberg.com

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