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Red Matter 2 is coming to Quest 2


A sequel will soon be offered to Red Matter by Vertical Robot to whom we owe the famous puzzle-based SF adventure.

the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase will have been the occasion for Vertical Robot to announce Red Matter 2, the sequel to the effective title SF VR from the Spanish studio released in 2018. This one will be ported to Quest 2 and should be available for thesummer 2022.

After discovering a distress signal belonging to an old friend, you will set out to rescue him by traveling toat the edge of the solar system to find it on a planet where terrible anomalies run rampant. You will discover on this occasion the darkest secrets of Volgravia and will have to face theunstoppable Red Matter.

With a more environmental storytellingthe title will offer many new puzzles to solve, always using two claws to interact with the world around you. But you can also use a new hack tool as well as’a projectile weapon to fight drones as well as to overcome certain puzzles.

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From platform sequences were also confirmed. These will test in particular the new jet pack intended to provide more freedom of movement.

Announced for Quest 2 only for now, we hope that Red Matter 2, like its predecessor, will also be ported to PCVR and PSVR so everyone can enjoy it.

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