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Redfall: Arkane Studio reveals behind-the-scenes development and gameplay


Arkane Studio Austin’s cooperative FPS once again introduces itself and reveals some of its design secrets.

Initially expected for this year, Redfall will only be released in the first half of 2023 on PC and Xbox Series after being postponed, like Starfield. Despite this, the Microsoft exclusive is making news in a new video of about twenty minutes, mixing gameplay and development diary.

Vampire co-op

Arkane Austin goes back to some of the elements that make their FPS so good. They take a look at the open world and the game’s mapThe game’s map is a mix of styles and promises a few flashy places to diversify the environment of this fantasy Boston invaded by vampires. The latter will be THE big threat of Redfall and should give a lot of trouble to the players. The bestiary is going to be rich and will not hesitate to throw hordes of enemies in our faces. Some will have the right to weapons while others will use special abilities and especially, supernatural.

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On their side, the players will be able to rely on a complete arsenal (sniper rifles, shotguns, pistols, revolvers …) as well asa large number of skills to defend themselves. Arkane assured that the powers would be particularly complementary to support the cooperative aspect of the titlethe heart of the experience. Now we just have to hope that the software doesn’t get delayed any further.

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