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Released on July 19, Stray becomes Annapurna’s best launch


Released on PlayStation and PC, Stray has obviously not gone unnoticed. This July 19th, the game has indeed been a small success. The numbers speak for themselves.

The intriguing game, Stray, was particularly anticipated by users PS5, PS4 and PC (Steam). And this July 19In a few days, gamers were finally able to get close to it, whether it was through PS Plus or not.

Stray, Annapurna’s biggest PC launch

Of course, the craze generated by the title developed by the French studio BlueTwelve was not the least. This is what the only figures we have at our disposal now, those from Steam, indicate. On the PlayStation side, we are only waiting to see if the little cat has made its effect. Which should normally be the case.

Still, here, it is the platform of Valve that interests us. And so, as the statistics show, Stray has gathered a little more than 60,000 players (or 62,693 to be precise) simultaneously. A result that far exceeds what its publisher Annapurna has been able to present so far. For example, as reported by VGC, the company’s previous best-selling game with the largest number of synchronous players when it was released was 12 minuteswhich at that time had some 8,000 users. Then followed Outer Wilds (7,936), Neon White (3,277) and Journey (1,757).

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As you can see, for an independent game, Stray was a big hit the day it was released. In this way, it even became the biggest launch Annapurna PC.

So Stray has attracted the curious. And maybe you are one of them. However, now the question is whether it did not disappoint.

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