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Remedy signs with giant Tencent for its “Vanguard” project


The new free-to-play co-op game project Vanguard will be co-published by Tencent. Remedy (Alan Wake, Control) takes the opportunity to take stock of this next action title.

Remedy (Max Payne, Alan Wake, Control) is projecting the mysterious co-op multiplayer game called Vanguard, a codename for a production in progress since 2018. The company now secures a publishing contract with the industry giant, Tencent (boss of Riot in particular).

Vanguard will be a free-to-play PvE shooter that will require players to cooperate while combining “Remedy’s storytelling expertise and a multi-immersive experience with action-oriented gameplay”. The game will be developed on Unreal Engine for PC and consoles.

Despite this partnership, the game is only at the beginning of its development, in a “proof of concept” phase. An AAA budget has been allocated to it, but with the arrival of Tencent, it can be ensured that the company will not run out of cash to complete production. The CEO of Remedy, Tero Virtala, takes stock of the game’s business model:

Vanguard marks Remedy’s first entry into the Games as a Service (GaaS) business model, executed by our top team of free-to-play experts. We’re building something new and exciting for the cooperative multiplayer world, on top of the strengths of the Remedy games.

Remedy will also begin in the publishing world as it will be co-developer and co-publisher of the game with Tencent. By the way, the Chinese group announces that it has obtained the rights to develop a mobile version of the game.

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As a reminder, Tencent is also a 3.8% stake in Remedy. The studio is also in full production of its highly anticipated Alan Wake 2, which was unveiled a little more at TGA 2021.

NB: the illustration photo is Max Payne, not Vanguard eh …

Source: investors.remedygames.com

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