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Removed from Steam, Myth of Empires launches its own launcher


Last month, Myth of Empires was removed from Steam after being accused of stealing another studio’s source code. To remedy this situation, Angela Games has decided to put the game back on sale, but with its own launcher.

Myth of Empires has not given its last word. While the legal proceedings are still ongoing, Angela Games has decided to set up its own launcher to allow players to purchase a copy of the game, and play it on their own servers.

We recall that the origin of this deletion comes from the Wild Card Studio (ARK: Survival Evolved) who believes that Myth of Empires is based on its own source code which would therefore have been stolen. And while waiting for the litigation to be considered, the American judges refuse to order the return of the game on Steam.

Myth of Empires is still accessible for those who purchased a copy of the game before the platform was removed, but it hasn’t welcomed new players for over a month.

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That’s what pushed Angela Games to develop their own servers deployed on January 17. You can now buy Myth of Empires International Vanguard Edition from the official website and access it normally. The servers are managed by Imperium Interactive Entertainment, the publisher of Myth of Empires.

This is currently a kind of beta, indeed the keys will be distributed at the rate of 250 copies per day. The studio explains that it needs this restriction to be able to hold the load and offer stable and bug-free servers. Improvements will be made gradually and the game will then be open to everyone, unless of course justice decides in favor of the Wildcard studio and prohibits the exploitation of the title ofAngela Games.

The price meanwhile remains the same as on Steam: $29.99.

The launcher test will start on January 17 at 7:00 p.m. During the test phase, an additional 250 game keys will be sold every day at 07:00 and 19:00. We’ll be increasing the number of keys sold to meet testing needs, so keep an eye out for future announcements.

Source: www.mythofempires.com

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