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Repair the D82 in April with Road Maintenance Simulator


Have you always dreamed of passing the groover on the macadam between Creuzier-le-Neuf and Saint-Rémy-en-Rollat? Road Maintenance Simulator is coming soon.

Aerosoft, at the origin of a whole series of simulation games of all kinds (but really ALL), announces its new Road Maintenance Simulator for PC, Xbox Series, Xbox One, PS5 and PS4 coming April 7 with more than 30 missions related to road maintenance.

Eight different vehicles are available to repair and polish the federal or municipal road (remember that these games are usually based on German territory). The publisher also announces it straight away: the machines are presented in Germanic language in the following trailer, so you will discover the presence of the Pritschenlader in this Straßenmeisterei Simulator. Rest assured, French is available in the game.

To become a real site manager, you will have to pay €24.99 on PC and €29.99 on console, digital or physical.

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We laugh we laugh, but you know very well that I’m going to buy it to complete my collection.

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