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Requisition VR is postponed again


If you wanted to team up with three of your friends to survive together in the midst of zombies by building ridiculous weapons, unfortunately you will have to wait a little longer.

If we announced the arrival in early access on Steam from Requisition VR over the past month in our April 2022 VR News, after its postponement for the month of februaryyou certainly realized that the launch did not take place.

Well!, it won’t be for the month of May either. Indeed, the Arcadia studio (Hinge) which develops the game was based in Moscow with a head office in the United Kingdom and the collaboration of studios located in different countries, includingUkraine.

Given the current geopolitical situation and thespecial military operation led by the Kremlin among its neighbors, followed by the closing of the Moscow office from February 28 given Arcadia’s disagreement with it, an understandable setback related to the moving house voluntary Russian employees in Turkey and those of Ukraine in Hungary followed.

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Still looking for a permanent officethe team could soon migrate to Abu Dhabiwith the support ofAbu Dhabi Gaming. Therefore, in order to have more time for beta testing and hunting down unexpected bugs, the title has been delayed in September.

As a reminder, Requisition is a cooperative VR game by four player survivalalso announced now on flat screenand taking place in a world full of zombies where it is necessary make weapons from household objects to defend his skin.

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