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Resident Evil 4 Remake shows off with a bit of gameplay


Already announced in the presentation program, Resident Evil 4 has therefore come to show itself with a sequence of gameplay in particular.

Revealed at State of Play from June 2this new version of Resident Evil 4 was shown, as planned, at the last Showcase organized by Capcom on June 14. It was therefore an opportunity to see a little more, but just barely more, of this awaited revisit for March 2023 on PS5, Xbox Series and PC.

A tiny bit of gameplay

The moment reserved for Resident Evil 4 mainly resumed what we could see during the very first reveal: an overview of Luis, Ada, Ashley and his cry or even the big bad guys in the game... However, even if it was short, very short, we were still able to witness a few seconds reserved for gameplay.

And, for now, we’ll just watch our dear Leon Scott Kennedy survey dark places he already knows, with a few exceptions. Yes, remake obliges, this Resident Evil 4 should not be without some changes. This, we will see later in the year, as promised Capcom for a new preview, which we believe without harm will be longer. In any case, on the side of the enemies, the Ganados, modifications are to be expected. They have revamped for the occasion.

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