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Resident Evil Netflix: Jill, Claire and Lady Dimitrescu soon in the series?


Netflix’s Resident Evil series is getting a lot of buzz and its main showrunner already has plans for possible future seasons.

In an interview, Andrew Dabb confessed that he already imagines himself bringing back iconic characters from the license.

From Resident Evil to Resident Evil Village

By making his series live on two timelines, Andrew Dabb has the door open to all the craziness and he is well aware of it. He had already stated that “all the games of the license serve as a background to his universe” and if season 2 (and more) there is, we should expect to meet other familiar faces.

The question arises, how do people change? There are characters we haven’t seen in a while [dans les jeux]Jill Valentine and Claire Redfield are examples. How do these characters react today to everything that happens [dans la série]?

An equally if not more interesting question is what happens 14 years, 15 years, 16 years in the future after the apocalypse they were trying to prevent occurs? These heroes have spent their lives fighting these epidemics. What happens when you lose? What does it look like?

So we might end up seeing Claire Redfield, Jill Valentine or why not Leon and Chris in the next seasons (still not assured). For the moment, Resident Evil on Netflix is only about Wesker and his entourage, although it reserves a surprise at the very end.

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But the heroes are not the only ones to give Andrew Dabb the eye, who already sees himself bringing back enemies and monsters from the license. This is already the case with lickers or spiders, but Dabb would like to go even further. It must be said that he has plenty of choice since viruses and monsters are extremely varied in video games.

During the series, I want to bring everything. Left to my own devices, I want Lady Dimitrescu, I want the plant monster, I want everything. I want everything, but wisely [et] responsibly.

Very nice words that can only be realized if Netflix decides to extend for a new season, what is not yet sure especially since the series is being destroyed on the net. On our side, if it is not perfect, we liked it rather well, especially since it has a real potential and is a faithful retelling of the license from which it is inspired.

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