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Resident Evil Netflix: time, date of release in France and other information


Netflix reminds us of the release date of its Resident Evil series with a short clip and thousands of bloodthirsty zombies.

After a rather average Resident Evil Infinite Darkness, Netflix is back with a brand new Resident Evil series, this time in live-action.

Time and Release Date of Resident Evil on Netflix

In France, Resident Evil will be released on Netflix on July 14, 2022 at 9 amLike most of the releases of the platform. Moreover, the VOD giant reminds us by offering us a small extract just to set the mood, where we can see Jade Wesker facing a horde of… problems.

The official trailer:

Resident Evil on Netflix, what is it about?

Soberly called Resident Evil, the show will send us on two timelines to follow the Wesker family. First of all in the present in New Raccoon City where we will find Albert Wesker (Lance Hendrick) and his young daughters Billie (Siena Agudong) and Jade (Ella Balinska), then in the future in 2036 when the earth has been ravaged by the T-virus and where Jade, now adult (Tamara Smart), tries to survive by confronting Umbrella.

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The series is intended to be very different from the Capcom saga, although it is greatly inspired by it, especially by taking up the events that occurred in Raccoon City and obviously, its characters and its bestiary. Netflix’s Resident Evil is therefore a kind of sequel that is totally newa kind of replay and a concentrate of all the games. It is in any case what affirms us the showrunner Andrew Dabb who admits having “mixed all the games”..

On the other hand, the interpreter of the (normally) bad guy Albert Wesker, Lance Hendrick, confessed to PC Gamer that he didn’t know the Capcom licenseFor him, Resident Evil was first and foremost a cinematic saga launched by Paul WS Anderson.

I didn’t know that the Resident Evil license was actually a video game. I only knew about the movies. I went in blind. When I was playing my character, I didn’t think I was playing an iconic character that was already established, I just kept trying to bring to life what was in the pages of my script. And then, as the show goes on, you’ll see how my Wesker is connected to the Wesker of the games.

So Resident Evil should be a real well of fan service against the backdrop of an untold storylinebut could perhaps have a closer link with the games than we could think (if we decide to read Lance Hendrick’s words wrong). Wait and See, in a few hours, we should know.

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